Woodcarving For Everyone (Online Streaming Video)

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The perfect blend of simplicity and PLENTY of information in an easy-to-understand style.

Everything you need for a first-time sign carving project.

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So you want to learn to carve, do you?

“Ah”, you say.  “I’d love to but I don’t know how to carve or draw.  I’m just not very artistic.”

No prob.  Ray will show you how (and make it super easy) in this step-by-step, in-depth, instructional video.  

Follow along with Ray as he reveals his tried-and-true carving method, which has made his carvings the favorite of millions of people at Disneyland and Disney theme parks worldwide.

This is NOT a quick YouTube video. It’s 90 minutes long and packed full of everything you need to know in order to complete a beautiful, hand carved sign… your very first time!

Let Ray’s calm, patient teaching method guide you into a whole new world of working with your hands, helping you carve something truly beautiful.

What you will receive:

  • Unlimited access to the video online (you’ll need a high speed internet connection)
  • A downloadable paper pattern

What you will learn:

  • The best types of wood for carving
  • What type and size gouges to use
  • Hand tooling techniques
  • Power tool carving techniques
  • How to transfer the pattern to the wood
  • What types of stain and wood sealer to use for best exterior results
  • What types of paints to use
  • Best color choices
  • Shadow background staining
  • How to read and work with wood grain
  • Which Dremel bits are the best to work with
  • Types and styles of paint brushes
  • How to do hand brush paint lettering
  • Best type of freehand router bit
  • Freehand router technique for outlining lettering
  • Safety rules and guidelines

This video is the perfect “warm up project” for Ray’s beginning woodcarving retreats held at his Northern California studio. Ray invites you to come attend one of his retreats, in which you will go much deeper into relief woodcarving and get to experience his personalized, one-on-one coaching firsthand.

Not only will you deepen your carving skills, you will go home with a stunning hand carved sign, of your own design (with Ray’s help, of course!). To learn more, and make your Woodcarving Retreat reservation, click here

List of tools used in this video:

This instruction video course will walk you through the process of carving your first sign.  Ray will explain what tools and materials you’ll need, and then patiently guide you, as if right by your side, through an in-depth tutorial for carving a beautiful lettered sign.

This instructional video also comes with a PDF template file that you can print out and use on your project.

20 reviews for Woodcarving For Everyone (Online Streaming Video)

  1. Mark (verified owner)


    Your video was the most comprehensive sign carving tutorial imaginable. The methods, tips and tricks, answered so many of the questions that I have been stumbling with from routing to finish clean up.

    I am ready to carve my first sign and now I have the confidence to pull this off. I’ll share with you my progress on my first project.

    Great Job!!

    Thank you!

  2. Shirley Bender (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for all the time and thought you put into your new teaching video! It was very professional and presented in a way that was teachable, challenging and ENCOURAGING!!!
    After carving for over 40 years , I’m sure its like breathing to you.. your hands just know what to do!! And yet you had great tips and suggestions of different ways to get the desired look!! Thank you seem to common of a word to use… With a sincere and grateful heart I thank you for imparting your gifts and talents with us!
    ~ Shirley

  3. jguzik09 (verified owner)

    GREAT video! Very straight forward and excited to dive in! Looking forward to future videos. Thanks!

  4. ecross70 (verified owner)

    Just finished watching the video! That time flew by FAST! I was so into the instruction and watching the techniques that I cannot wait to get my materials together and try my first project! thank you Ray for producing this video. I’m looking forward to reserving a space in an upcoming retreat!…….Eric

  5. rwtriplett (verified owner)

    Outstanding video! Raymond does a wonderful job explaining each step of the process to make a beautiful sign. He is very methodical and patient. The video is very well done with some great closeups but also fast forwards through sections when necessary. You will not be bored. What an incredible opportunity to learn from a true master. Raymond, please continue to make more of these!

  6. keweitz (verified owner)

    This is a great video that covers everything you need to know to get started. It is very thorough and enjoyable to watch! An in person workshop is truly the best way to absorb the expertise of the amazing Raymond Kinman, but this video is a perfect introduction to the intensive workshop and gives you a great idea what you are getting yourself in to 😀 I did the workshop first and purchased the video after. It is a nice refresher on some basics and I highly recommend both!

  7. grobidou (verified owner)

    Raymond, a big and sincere thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise through your on line lesson. The video was very informative and enjoyable. I would highly recommend to anyone interested in the art of woodcarving. It has inspired me and I couldn’t be happier. You’re a kind and gentle soul. Gerry

  8. frank (verified owner)

    What a great Video – not just because of the carving subject matter but because it is one of the best laid out and easiest to follow instructional videos I have seen in a long time. Some instructors go too fast and gloss over important points and some go so slow that you loose interest along the way. Raymond’s approach is just right. I really felt that he was giving me personal instruction. I sure hope that indeed this is just the first of many! This was a great value for such detailed instruction.

  9. vickiraecook (verified owner)

    I signed up for the retreat but was so excited to get started I decided to get the video so I could see what to expect, and get a little experience under my belt before I get there.
    Raymond’s tone is calm, clear, and at a good speed to learn from. He breaks things down in small steps that lead to a very nice product in the end. I have no doubt I could carve a similar design with a bit of practice using his method.
    Now I am going to get to work on the design I want to carve at the actual retreat!

  10. patrickr.mcnally (verified owner)

    INCREDIBLE! This video empowers you to go from zero to amazing! Extremely detailed and thoughtfully produced. Perfect pre-course prior to heading out to Cali. Can’t wait and glad I can learn a foundation now!

    Thanks for this!

  11. affordablesignservice (verified owner)

    Hello Raymond, Thank you for producing this video! It’s a fun & informative watch. It left me question-less at the end of the video thanks to your in depth explanations & demonstrations. This was not available before I took the carving workshop at Raymond’s studio, but is an amazing & helpful tool to remembering the processes we learned at the “one on one” workshop. It would also be a great precursor to his workshop, taking your carving skills to the next level. So fun! I hope to earn the prestigious “carving beanie” one day.

  12. mmariant (verified owner)

    Hello Ray and thank you for such a great instructional video. Your manner, presentation, directions, tips and suggestions all were spot on. Your slow and intentional delivery made this not only informative but soothing and supportive for a first-timer! I can’t recommend it enough to anyone interested in doing this. You’re right – next up is one of your workshops! Thank you again so much!

  13. mikedfuller56 (verified owner)

    This is probably the best $49 I ever spent and I absolutely recommend this video for anyone interested in an introduction to woodcarving. Ray’s patient step-by-step instructions take the complete novice or experienced woodworker through each step – from the list of materials to tool selection, hand placement, brush strokes and finishing. From how to start to how to finish, it’s all here, calmly and soothingly narrated by Ray’s voice of experience,

    The education imparted in this video is worth multiples of its cost and a fraction of the cost of any therapeutic remedy for the stress of today’s living. Thank you, Ray, for putting this video out here at such a low price so we can learn to enjoy the many benefits of woodcarving without breaking the bank. I have begun carving my first projects thanks to this and my grandchildren will soon enjoy the fruits of my new hobby.

    I am very happy that I discovered this opportunity (through a single post on a Facebook woodworking group) and that you actually teach small classes. I hope to schedule myself into one of your classes before too many more moons.

    Thank you again, very much!

  14. Bruce Benton

    I just completed the three day retreat with Ray. Wow – absolutely outstanding class. Ray’s patience, skills and teaching ability shined throughout the class. I couldn’t be happier with everything. If you’ve ever considered taking the class – go for it. You won’t be disappointed. Exception experience all ways round !

  15. Ryan (verified owner)

    This video is well put together, it doesn’t skip on any essential information as some instructional videos tend to do. Would recommend to anyone looking to get into this. Raymond is awesome! Thorough, patient, and informative

  16. John Wheeler (verified owner)

    I sincerely hope he puts more content up. I am looking forward to learning more from him. I have already completed a couple projects and couldn’t be happier. Thank you.

  17. Jim Lynch (verified owner)

    Excellent video!! Ray’s kind and passionate approach to his craft comes through wonderfully in this video. As a novice, you will be amazed at what you can do after watching this video and following Ray’s thoughtful and thorough approach to woodcarving. If you are interested in woodcarving, this is the best starting point for your new passion.

    Ray, thank you for sharing this incredible gift!!

  18. David Sorensen (verified owner)

    A pleasure to watch with many useful tips. You have inspired me to move forward with woodcarving. Thanks, Ray! Your slow, easy-going approach is refreshing.

  19. Tyrell Peters (verified owner)

    This video was great, very happy I spent the money, totally worth it! It was great to be able to go back and re-watch sections of the video. My project turned out better than I would have thought, thanks to the tips in this video. My recommendation is to call around to your hardware stores before you drive, otherwise you most likely will be driving around town to find exactly the products that were used by Ray.

  20. Laura (verified owner)

    I’m so impressed by this tutorial! I figured I would have a few “throw away” practice pieces to start but my first piece turned out exactly how I wanted! This was a very fun hobby to learn and the tutorial broke it all down in a very easy to learn way. Just make sure you have your hippie beanie!

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